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When you are choosing a dress for your little girl, the length is something you might not consider. You see a dress. You like it. You buy it. But what if it’s too long or too short? Here are a few things you might want to think about.
Pros of Long Dresses for Kids:
• Long dresses usually look more glamorous
• These dresses are often more intricately designed since they offer more room for designer’s imagination.
• A long dress makes a girl look older and more sophisticated.
• A long dress easily covers any figure imperfections.
• A long dress is practical. A girl can wear it for a few years while growing talle

Cons of Long Dresses for Kids:
• A long dress makes a girl look shorter which is a setback for youngsters.
• A long dress is hard to run around in. It offers less functionality.
• A long dress might require a certain type of shoes, preferably heels, to look good.

Pros of Short Dresses for Kids:
• Short dresses are lighter and create a feeling of airiness.
• Short dresses are easy to move around in.
• These dresses can be worn as tunics as girls grow taller.
• You can wear any type of shoes with short dresses.

Cons of Short Dresses for Kids:
• These dresses tend to ride up when a girl runs around.
• They might not be suitable for some special occasions.
• They require tights, which some girls might not like.

When choosing a dress for your girl, you need to consider her individual needs. Depending on how the kid behaves herself, what type of figure she has, and what her personal preferences are, you can decide on what length of a dress to consider.

Going for a knee-length dress seems like a good compromise, but this is only a good option for tall girls. Most of the time, you’ll see short or medium-length dresses for girls available for sale at online or brick-and-mortar stores. If you need a high-quality long dress, you might want to check out designer dress options.
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