Thursday, 11 May 2017

When it comes to choosing the baby girl dresses for a wedding, you need to give them as much attention as all the other special occasion attire. While there is always a big choice of various garments for baby girls, getting the right one needs some careful choosing.
Here are a few things you might want to consider to improve the wedding even further.
Fabric: While most baby clothes are made out of natural fabrics, since they feel the best, the special occasion dresses feature various option. Buying a 100% cotton dress is nice but is just can’t look as fabulous as a satin one.

Follow the below guide to get the proper fabric when choosing between the baby girl dresses for a wedding.

Silk- This is a beautiful and natural fabric. However, it is usually expensive and flimsy. It can be a perfect choice for babies that don’t crawl or walk yet but if your girl runs around, consider other fabrics.
Satin- This fabric is not natural but looks gorgeous. Most of the special occasion dresses are made of satin, which means you have plenty of options. Satin doesn’t feel good on the skin so a dress should have some natural lining
Organza- This crisp and shimmery fabric is often used to decorate the dresses. Too much organza in a dress can make it uncomfortable to wear.
Tulle- This thin material is often used to make layered skirts. It’s a nice-looking fabric but it tears easily.
Chiffon- This is a low-cost material, which is very durable. It’s a great material for decorating baby girls’ dresses. It looks flowy and transparent.

Color: Most of the time the flower girl’s dress is white. Many brides like it when little girls sport mini-versions of the bridal gowns. However, choosing a completely white outfit is not the best choice. Adding a dash of color to the dress will make it look much more impressive than a simple white garment. Some brides want the flower girl’s dress to match the bridesmaids’ dresses. Then the color can vary from white and pink to burgundy or even black.
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